Jungle Animal Egg Decorating Fun


Every year we do egg decorating activities on Easter day. It’s a fun tradition that my kids absolutely adore. This year we found a super cute and unique animal decorate kit at Target called the “Jungle Animal Egg Decorating Kit”. This is a Target branded product so you can only buy them at their stores. They’re not sold online either (I tried!), so be on the lookout for them next year when you do your Easter shopping. If you’re lucky, you might find them in the clearance section this week. They are way cuter than the typical PAAS Easter egg decorating kits. They’re a bit more expensive ($5.00), but they are totally worth it!


The Target Jungle Animal Decorating Kit comes with dye packets, stickers, egg holders, animal scenes and markers. My daughter and son enjoyed them so much that they pretty much spent a good three hours decorating and role playing with the decorated eggs afterwards. If you’re looking for a unique activity to do with your kids next Easter, I completely recommend this product. Hopefully, Target will have them again next year! If you can’t find these, don’t settle for the PAAS though. Try these other neat ideas.